The following services will be provided by the qualified technical unit trained in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.










You can count on us for all preparatory works of your project - we will provide you with a planning concept, draft a feasibility study as well as install all equipment and carry out all post-installation activities.

A technically and efficiently optimised plant is based on the combination of many types of plant parts made or supplied by different enterprises. APEIRON executes the integrated planning of machinery and develops alternative planning concepts conforming to different target parameters. We prepare plans and designs, allowing for the construction of individual plant parts in an economical manner directly at the project site. Quick and affordable modernizations and extensions are rendered possible by future-oriented planning of machine Units.
A feasibility study can be divided into the categories of commercial, technical and environmental studies. Our feasibility study includes a market survey, process and method evaluation, source of materials, optimum production capacity and environmental impact. Furthermore, it consists of a profit and technique analysis. All in all, a feasibility study is a necessary instrument for decision making.
In order to guarantee smooth progression of installation activities, the Nigerian partner provides pre-installation drawings in which all necessary technical data are shown in detail. They supervise these pre-installation activities performed by the construction firm. The project managers are able to call upon the in-house and out-house services of a highly professional team of experienced engineers to supervise the installation of plant, equipment, utilities and services. Furthermore, they coordinate the activities with construction firms and begin all the installations corresponding to the building Progress.


As soon as the devices are installed, the Nigerian partner subject them to extensive testing for both safety and functionality. Finally, they commence to put into operation all the equipment and hand it over to your staff exactly as scheduled. Post-installation, the local project team supervises comprehensive plant checks, ensuring that all stated plant performance criteria are met in full prior to handover. They offer a post-investment evaluation 3-6 months after handover.

You can consult Apeiron's partner in Nigeria any time on the latest developments in technology and on new strategies and alternatives for your project. The transfer of know-how is a vital aspect for guaranteeing the success of our co-operation.
APEIRON gets the latest technology knowledge about products and processes from manufacturers and informs clients accordingly. Most of all, we take special needs and demands of customers into consideration and develop an individual strategy. Our customers benefit from our experience which allows an optimised location policy. The transformation between technology and practical use is our priority.
Our planners and buyers maintain continuous contact with leading national and international manufacturers and institutions so that we find the most competitive manufacturer in regards to price as well as quality. Plus, they know well the newest state-of-the-art technology and are always in a position to obtain the best possible terms and conditions for your project. We also offer individual research work for further demand.
We use the most modern technology, based on Internet and E-mail, to give you permanent assistance and practical support. Moreover, we offer you individual consultancy through video-conference capabilities.

The partner in Nigeria will be your direct contact. There is an  impressive technical unit at your disposal.

We offer both, hands-on training as well as workshops and seminars in the technical field. Due to our contacts to various German hospitals and institutions, we also arrange medical training for your staff in Nigeria as well as in Germany.
The training of staff is becoming increasingly demanding. Employees need more help to understand the new technology and operate equipment efficiently. For this reason, we have set up a co-operation of technical staff in Nigeria that has undergone training on installation and maintenance of various products, among others on medical equipment, such as Dräger, dialysis machines and consumables, biomedical and electromedical, solar and electronic technology and ophthalmic machines.
The Nigerian partner will instruct your staff on how to use the units delivered by us. The training of your technicians begins during installation of equipment. This usually entails both off-site classroom and on-site hands-on training, and takes place during the commissioning phase of the project. Individual training on selected devices can also be arranged. For all the equipment we have installed, it goes without saying that you will receive maintenance and operation Manuals.
APEIRON places great importance on the adequate provision of professional and well-presented seminars and documentation for managers, operators and maintenance personnel. The seminars are offered by manufacturers or technical specialists and take place at the customer’s location.
In co-operation with manufacturers and institutions that use the technical equipment we offer overseas training. The personnel and organisation will be advised in systematic and logic of latest technology utilization.

Supply of Medical Equipment and Consumables
We supply state-of-the-art medical equipment. The Nigerian partner selects those items from the wide range of articles on the international market which best meet the explicit needs of your project.
We give highest priority to the dependability and profitability of our devices, the availability of spare parts, the constant high quality of goods produced as well as easy maintenance practices in order to ensure the best service to you.

Moreover, we guarantee an optimised delivery schedule with strict respect of deadlines so that goods reach you punctually and in prime condition.