Apeiron's Nigerian partner is an indigenous Nigerian company, disposing of an experienced technical department and contacts to the final customers. Apeiron is in direct contact with the manufacturers and suppliers in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. The collaboration of the two companies enables the provision of qualitative and affordable equipment, after-sales services and training opportunities in Nigeria and in Europe.

One of the main areas of specialization of Apeiron is the complete medical technology management which ranges from consultancy, supply and installation of hospital equipment to after-sales service and training as well as planning and complete hospital engineering solutions. We make sure that the medical personnel of your hospital will be acquainted with all functions of the equipment in order to guarantee the peak efficiency performance of the equipment at any time. We assure the management and upkeep of the medical equipment in the most efficient manner by optimising costs of operation with careful fiscal management and providing quality advice and performance. We offer our experience and contacts to find the most profitable consumables to suit to the needs of your patients. Our technical knowledge of maintaining medical equipment contributes to the extension of the useful life time of the machines. This, as a result, will affect the overall comfort and care of your patients as well as contribute to the satisfaction of the patients by offering them quality services for affordable prices. Through the partner in Abuja, a flexible communication system will be ensured.